The 10th International Conference on X-ray Microscopy brings together the best and the brightest to present and discuss the latest advances in high-resolution x-ray imaging and related areas and their application to a broad range of scientific and industrial fields. The XRM conference series started in Göttingen, Germany in 1983, and has traveled the globe drawing experts in the development and use of x-ray microscopes. Over the past 27 years, conference attendance has grown from a few dozen specialists to several hundred people from the materials, biological, and earth sciences as well as high-technology fields and instrumentation specialists. They come as much for the vibrant technical exhibition and opportunities for close interaction as for the conference presentations and posters. The attendees hale from commercial enterprises, national and private laboratories, institutes, and universities worldwide.

A prime focus of the XRM 2010 conference is state-of-the-art x-ray microscopy instrumentation and techniques. This field is driven by key advances in next-generation technologies including precision x-ray optics, nanolithography systems, multichannel data acquisition electronics, photon counting x-ray detectors and cameras, spectrometers and dispersive instruments, and precision goniometric and nanoscale motion control systems, to name just a few.

The XRM Conference Series is also notable for its focus on the full range of institutions engaged in x-ray microscopy, from large-scale synchrotron facilities to small laboratories, to individual university researchers. Construction is underway of unprecedented new high-brilliance x-ray storage rings around the planet such as the NSLS-2 in New York, the LCLS in California, and ultrafast x-ray free electron laser sources in Japan, Switzerland, and Germany. These are in addition to more than three new and 15 active synchrotron laboratories worldwide! Additionally, right here in the Chicago area, plans for a $350M major upgrade of the Advanced Photon Source are underway to invest in the facility and infrastructure as well as many new and updated beamlines. We believe this is a truly exciting time for companies offering high-technology instrumentation for x-ray microscopy and its applications.

We are very pleased to welcome you not only to XRM2010 but also to the Advanced Photon Source, a premier synchrotron facility with a strong emphasis on world-class x-ray microscopy and imaging.

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The standard XRM2010 exhibitor package is $2400 (USD) for two exhibitor attendees, which includes the following:

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